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Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus

Nabeel Quereshi, Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus (Zondervan 2014)

I’ve discovered a remarkable book. In fact I was given it for Christmas and only just read it. Nabeel Qureshi comes from a devout Muslim family of Pakistani origins. His father, Abba, served with distinction in the US navy, including a spell at Faslane on the Clyde. Nabeel was as committed an Ahmadi Muslim as his parents. This is his story.

This book is full of insights into both the Muslim and the Christian faith, in a most accessible form. It also helps you understand the difference between West and East Islamic mindsets, which goes some way to explaining Jihadism and events such as 9/11. At uni Nabeel becomes best friends with David Wood, and their conversations provide the dynamic of the book.

There is so much in the book: a model for evangelism (genuine unconditional friendship, willingness to listen and change, real grasp of the Christian message, humility), an explanation of Islamic teaching and life, the same for Christianity, a forensic examination of both, extraordinary answers to sincere seeking and most of all a touching story of friendship. If you want to be informed about Islam, this book is good place to start. If you need to brush up on your Christian basics, you’d do very well here. If you’d like to have a lesson in sharing your faith, I know none better than this. If you’d like a good read, this is just that!

Michael Wenham

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